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Over the past 25 years David has made numerous arrangements and written many instrumental and choral works to serve the ensembles which he has led.  The time has come to place these arrangements and compositions out to the general public for them to be enjoyed by the masses.

As an instrumental arranger and composer, David has written works for the youngest wind instrumentalists all the way up to the most professional brass bands and everything in between.  Out of a utilitarian understanding, David has recognized areas of need in the development of young wind players and has written works that are both functional in their educational need yet extremely musical and enjoyable to play and hear.  He has also used these skills to craft tuneful and approachable works for the modern brass band and brass quintets.

David's 30-plus years as the leader and soloist of Saxton's Cornet Band and his intimate knowledge of the music of the mid-nineteenth century have given him the expertise to make modern arrangements of this unique music for the modern wind band. The "Saxton's Cornet Band Series" of arrangements are unique in that most can be played as stand-alone work for the modern concert band or they can include Saxton's Cornet Band as a welcomed duet for audiences to hear the original sounds of the the early brass band with the current sounds of the modern wind band.


As a church music director for over fifteen years, David recognized the gaps in quality music for particular days in the lectionary.  His choral arrangements and original works help fill this vacancies while providing uplifting music for churchgoers. 

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Versed in all genres of music, his style of choral composition range from Tallis to Appalachian to modern a cappella. His first major completed work is his setting of Gabriel Faure's Requiem arranged for SATB choir, organ, and brass ensemble.


All of David's completed arrangements and compositions are for sale on this site and can be purchased and downloaded for instant performance. 

David welcomes all calls for commissions, both as an arranger and a composer of original music.  His intention is to always have the arranging and compositional experience be a collaborative venture with all participants having input along the way to understand how the works come together and to be a part of the musical process.  In his opinion, the most musical experiences happen when

everyone has a voice and

gets to see the work evolve so that ownership is shared by all.

To have a work arranged or composed for your ensemble, simply contact David at

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